winning for the dog in the world accept Incidental food, vitamins and accessories can confidently assure us.

Our entire business is fresh, it recommends using the award-winning products and has received all certificates and cognitive aspects. Baby, adults, older adults and our individual products are available for dogs. It is recommended that the control of our food, as well as our veterinarian kinds of vitamins.

  All kinds of dog food
Quality imported leashes and belts


Dog accessories
All kinds of vitamins and minerals
Wood and plastic huts
Transport containers, etc. There.


Foods and vitamins that you can also order a wide range of accessories. iithal, proven quality leashes, awarded quality imported belts, dog clothing, protective equipment, our products are among the ornaments.

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 Horse Sales

In accordance with the purpose for riders, we help them to have a horse.

 Dog Sales

Each breed puppies and dogs is great eğtiml present we do not sell, our dogs with sales secerel, health certified and guaranteed.