Our facility is separated indoor and outdoor kennel available for each dog sleep in separate cages.  

"Köpeginiz için sicak bir yuva"


Each dog kennel open 6 square meters indoor 12 square meters are available. The kennel must be daily with heating and ventilation, regular disinfection and special medicated water for washing and cleaning is done.



"A warm nest for your dog"

Dogs are fed under veterinary control board during the dry dog food with quality ready.

Especially yemisler home that your dog is given food brand.

It is in control of our health routine performed by the veterinarian.

Stress factors are reduced to a minimum.


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Karaağaç Village, Hazerfen Airport
Road, Hadımköy
Büyükçekmece / İSTANBUL

 Horse Sales

In accordance with the purpose for riders, we help them to have a horse.

 Dog Sales

Each breed puppies and dogs is great eğtiml present we do not sell, our dogs with sales secerel, health certified and guaranteed.