Expert staff educator and education that the training gave my dog the success of the Inter Kennels K-9 Academy has made a pioneer of the industry. 

What principle is the wish of my work is related to the education has completely dog and want to egittir what purpose dog. The aim is that urban environment and social life in the environment of the lifestyle UNE dog's owner. Education certainly not be established with tattoos of barbed and electric bass dog leash with brute force. fully play instinct of the dog and rewarding especially given conditional reflex using the word no.

Designed with modern educational tools and materials 5000metrekar to open 400 square meters indoor training rink.




The purpose of education is the owner of the dog obedience and obedience in harmony with the trainer. Leash and is traversing belt is taken half-past five or six months a minimum of education. Education is visible for 1 month time dog owner wanted them to work and education and training work to join them. Containing commands to follow, sit, down, wait, no, oturbekl, yada-wait, come here, stop, well done ..v.s is also the dog's psychological disorders and these problems are corrected if fear or pusillanimity in also character.




And pivoting strap leash is given after an education without using the basic obedience training. It is an advanced form of basic obedience training period is 1 month. Voice and quiet, with command signal is taught. also other undesirable habits and behavior is corrected.




The training aimed to protect the home and workplace maintains a closed area or garden prevents the entry of foreigners and attacks.



It is a form of education for the parties to work to protect the attacks, leave, includes commands such as V. S. settles. Usually prone to getting protection security training is an education given to the dogs. Residents karekterli a hard aggressive dog attacking a dog in a controlled attacking, attacking training is given command. To get my education in one or more protection is given to dogs in age appropriate sex.


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