Horse Club

    Riding our facility and which provide riding lessons, horse training with experienced professional trainers, horse shop where you can get the horse supplies are provided veterinary services.

      K-9 Academy

    1999 International Kennels
    K-9 dog training under the Academy name, B & B, has been established to give pet shops and veterinary services.

      Animal Hospital

    All kinds of diagnosis, treatment, vaccinations, surgery, internal medicine delivery, laboratory, x-ray, 24-hour veterinary service.

      Hara Restaurant

    Hara will be able to enjoy the facilities Ranch Restaurant and Cafe extraordinary delicacies. Make a country wedding, do you want to be the bride on a horse?

      Horse Sales

    In accordance with the purpose for riders, we help them to have a horse.

      Dog Sales

    Each breed puppies and dogs is great eğtiml present we do not sell, our dogs with sales secerel, health certified and guaranteed.

     Follow us!

    You can follow us on our social networks. Facebook, Twitter, MSN, current events and our services aligns the Vimeo network kampanyaları- can follow immediately.


    Karaağaç Village, Hazerfen Airport
    Road, Hadımköy
    Büyükçekmece / İSTANBUL

      Photo Gallery

    Equestrian facility, our pictures of our garden and our restaurant you can examine in this section.


    Education certainly brute force, punishment, tattoos, barbed and electric leash dog certainly not be established printing. Education, fully play instinct of the dog, and no reward is given to the conditioned reflex, especially using the word.

      Invitation - Organization

    Make a country wedding, do you want to be the bride on a horse? Istanbul's Taksim to 20 minutes at a distance that is at the beginning Helps to heal you in your dream, your guests in the countryside will not ever forget you're dreaming of a wedding is the time to call us.

      Dog Production Service

    International kennels film production company for many years to educated, talented dogs to train. Which enable individuals to be trained and selected works easily, especially crew.