Equestrian club level to the advanced level of the initial licensing of riding lessons are given by highly qualified professionals

Between 4-6 years of age made, balance exercises on horseback rides for children, including the horse's gait recognition and the basic principles and horse riding lessons with vaccines is the information age and we introduce the love at the small equestrian sport.

  As of 7 years of age are given in levels of riding lessons for the school system and jumps riders completed the basic training and are majoring in the discipline of dressage. We provide courses in both disciplines for Standards prepare our students for the licensing exam We operate in competition and the licensing of our riders and horses.

The first training for beginners'm a student lonja we call education. Horse and rider mania completely under the control of education to establish balance on the horse, to provide up to the horse's rhythm, harmony, to recognize the gait of the horse, the horse learns to control and assistance. This level 5-10 is ongoing to complete the course.


Free boarding cots in the past with riders using different study aids mAlArlA right horse to walk, trot and canter to learn to take it in a controlled way. Rider different cute their work and cots for different use their work (as well as modify, letters cots, cots rules, circles, etc.) learn


Basic dressage and jumping riders push them to study after finishing basic training. This level of income levels at the end of the track riders will complete the starting simple level dressage and show jumping course. Students who want to take riding license is operated for this test. 



Dressage, show jumping and received a license in turbinate is complete branches, contests with his horse rider operated and the preparation of the basic principles. US Equestrian club riders participating in the Istanbul yetismis internal and external competitions and championships all branches are available.





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In accordance with the purpose for riders, we help them to have a horse.

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Each breed puppies and dogs is great eğtiml present we do not sell, our dogs with sales secerel, health certified and guaranteed.